The band
The four members of O.D. grew up in Fellingsbro, and went to school together. Now we all live in Örebro.

We started to jam together in the 90's. Somehow we have managed to complete two records, and we're planning a new one with more live-feel to it.

If you'd like us to play at a party or special occation, please write or call us, because we don't arrange our own concerts to often...





More exciting info about the O.D. members will be added on request. (Nothing requested so far...)

The records
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Our latest album, released in January 2005. Contains twelve tunes all written by Organ Donor.


This CD was recorded during the summer of 2002. Released in 2003 and with exotic cover art by Vanessa Philipsson. This was a sort of remake of the demo tape, with a few new songs.


We recorded these five tunes around 1997 on a four track porta. They were never released.

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