1. Kikstart
2. Phantoms of the Asteroid
3. Jungle Hunt
4. Mr Z.
5. Pile-up
6. Le Gorille
7. Cauldron

Released in 2003 with beautiful cover art by Vanessa Philipsson. This was a sort of remake of the demo tape, with a few new songs added.

The recordings of "Organ Donor" took place during the summer months of 2002 at Björklund, a house in the middle of the forest about 30 kilometers outside of Örebro.
Slingerland drums
Wurlitzer 200A electric piano
TX-81Z FM tone generator (for crappy organ sound)
Vantage electric bass
San Doza electric bass (thanks to Inniz)
Aria Pro II Custom '79 electric guitar
Homemade electric guitar w/ Neville electronics
Selmer alto saxophone
Wohlrab trumpet
Crappy (TM) flute
Headliner bongos

SM57 microphone
Cheap crap microphones
4-track porta
PC with M-Audio 10-channel converters
Behringer and Spirit mixers
Home-made guitar amplification and Behringer directboxes
Yamaha bass amplification

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