1. Gamla hederliga (Kikstart)
2. Bookersvänglåten
3. Move, Move, Move
4. Movie Funk (Jungle Hunt)
5. Sax Machine (Pile-up)

We recorded these five tunes around 1997 on a four track porta. The tape was never released, but some of the tunes re-appeared on "Organ Donor".
The demo was recorded in a rehearsal room with a nice view over the lake, at kulturskolan in Lindesberg.

A set of rock drums of uncertain brand
Viscount electric organ
Vantage electric bass
Fender Telecaster electric guitar
Selmer alto saxophone
Unknown flute
Congas and bongos

4-track porta (for recording, bouncing and mixing)
2-track porta (as destination mixdown machine)
Shure SM57's and some other mics we could find.

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