1. Police Cops
2. Rock Machine
3. Billy the Squid
4. Kikstart II
5. Friday Friction
6. Beverly Hills Blues
7. Bridge to Bridge
8. The Butler Did it
9. Keys to the Cruiser
10. Fresh Organic Bananas
11. The Denim Team
12. Into the...

At last our second album is finished, containing twelve new tunes written by Organ Donor. They were recorded in Björklund to a 6-track tape and then transferred to computer for final mixing and mastering by Oscar.

The cd-cover was created by Per and depicts from left to right: Elvis, Oscar, Per and Arvid. Thanks to Andreas Sedin & Rustung Etikettering for printing the cover at a low cost!

If you'd like to buy the cd, write us an e-mail.
Hohner harmonica
Slingerland drums
Vantage electric bass
Samick electric bass
Aria Pro II Custom '79 guitar (R.I.P.)
Yanagisawa tenor saxophone
Yamaha flute (R.I.P.)
Headliner bongos
Homemade percussion
Viscount organ (R.I.P.)
Thomas organ
B4 virtual organ
Dunlop Cry-Baby wah-wahs
Nugen voice

SM57 microphone
Cheap crap microphones
Sanui MR-6 tape recorder
Behringer mixer
????? soundcard
Dell PC computer

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